Health trends these days paint sugar as the biggest villain? Now, where does that leave all our desserts?

But, you no more need to worry about satiating your sweet tooth without wrecking your health because you’re at the right place. Welcome to Healthy Treats! Run by Mrs. Swati Gupta, Healthy Treats has a range of scrumptious desserts and sweets including a dedicated eggless, whole wheat and gluten-free menu. Think about desserts, cookies or cakes thatyou can stock up at home, choose to serve it a special treat for your children in their lunch boxes or simply enjoy a bite with your afternoon tea without stressing over the health factor. Doesn’t it put a smile on your face? Of course, it does.

A perfect balance of taste & health is what it is all about and Healthy Treats offers just that. We know you care about your health and we want you to know that we care, too. For those of you that have special dietary needs, we offer our treats made with the ingredients that are high on nutritional value. Even though we’re making headlines with our mouthwatering variety of healthy desserts & treats, we always keep your health first with a blend of fantastic taste & healthiest products.


Mrs. Swati Gupta, a passionate baker and health enthusiast, started to experiment with treats in her own kitchen creating drool-worthy cakes, cookies, dessert jars and much-more that not only satiated the sweet-tooth but were insanely great on the health quotient.

Lucky for us, she now even sells them!

Swati’s experiment with whole wheat, raw sugar, buttermilk, and gluten-free products have turned out to be a hit amongst the health conscious segment. Customers with special dietary needs such as diabetics and gluten allergies can feel safe with Swati’s special recipes that are customized to suit such needs.


At Healthy Treats, we’re committed to your health. That’s why Swati buys the freshest produce, dry fruits and nuts to make sure that you get the best. From our home to yours, there’s no compromise on quality.


Looking to make your special event unique? We have a customized make-to-order option that is sure to meet your needs. Swati can help you design a menu that not only pleases your palate, but is sure to impress your guest as well.


You can indulge in our variety of sugar free and dietary range of treats without regretting or thinking twice. Try once and you’ll find yourself ordering more and more!